Sing, Personlighet!

Har jag glott på igårdagens dag. Först var det filmen Sing. En gammal film som jag verkligen gillar. Säkert ingen som sett den. Men jag gillar den iaf. Sen åkte jag hem, för jag såg den hos en kompis, eftersom jag har en trasig video som bara tuggar sönder Jessicas videoband 🙁 Kollade på Dawson, det var bra, gillade att Jen fick sig lite rajraj. 🙂 Sen var det nya omgången med popstars, alltid skoj med såna saker, nu så har jag sett lite andra dokusåpor och lite sprintskidor, m.m. och ska sova…natti

Eller nåt. Jag tror jag är en sån person som det kan bli för mkt av. Folk irriterar sig nog lätt på mig. Fed up, sick and tired of. Har inte känt så på länge.

”If space is what you need, well I got room in me.”

Alla söker i förvirring,
efter lösningar och svar,
men i slutet av dagen,
då allting är tyst,
är oss själva allt vi har.

Ur ”Tusen röster”

Vackert. Jag kan inte hjälpa det…jag är sån. Förstå inte, jag bryr mig inte.

Har skaffat mig soundtracket till filmen jag såg igår nu. Fett bra. 80-talsmusik är fan bra! Nu ska ni få mina favorit texter från dessa låtar.


When the feeling gets too strong for words
When I’m fighting to break through
When the song in me demands to be heard
There’s only one thing I can do
I sing:
Na na na whoa
Na na na hey
I can do anything
When I sing

When you’re young
You’re told to hold your tongue
But now I found my voice
And I’ve got to make some noise!


One more time!

Don’t look back
Don’t be scared
We’ve got dreams and we’re still young
Just think about how far we’ve come

Think of all
We have shared
It’s a wonder we survive
But here we are and we’re alive!

Can we hold on, hold on?
Take a moment to celebrate
Now before we are gone
Take a moment to celebrate

There’s a music in the wind
Let’s dance one more time
There’s a rhythm deep within
Let’s dance one more time

One more time
Sing the song
There’s a power in our voices
Hopeful and strong

Years from now
Somewhere down the line
We’ll remember and we’ll all sing
One more time”


Something to believe in!

All my life I’ve been lost
Always burned every bridge that I crossed
Heart of stone, will of steel
I built a wall so I wouldn’t feel
I walk alone but alone the night’s so cold
The street’s are mean without a dream to call your own

Ohh, gimme somethin’ to believe in
Ohh, gimme somethin’ I can touch
All my life I’ve been searchin’ for a reason to care
For a reason to trust
Somethin’ to believe in

Angels sin, heroes fall
Friends’ll lie when their back’s to the wall
Years of tears make you tough
I learned to fight, never learned how to love
It’s gonna take an act of faith, I know
To break these chains of doubt around my soul

I’ve been running and I feel so far from home
But something tells me there ain’t so far to go

Ohh, gimme somethin’ to believe in
Ohh, gimme somethin’ I can touch
All my life I’ve been searchin’ for a reason to care
For a reason to trust
Ohh, I’ve had nothing to hold on to
Ohh, and it took so long to see
I’ll be strong when there’s something to believe in
Something to believe in in me


(Everybody’s Gotta) Face The Music

Everybody’s gotta face the music
There’s a moment when you learn you can do anything
Everybody’s gotta face the music
And when is it my turn
When is it my turn
I’m gonna sing

Every fear I’ve ever had is still with me
I lie awake at night and wonder what will be
But I don’t give up
I’m waiting to live it up
I’ll look tomorrow straight in the eye

Now I’m deciding
I’m no longer hiding
I’ll look tomorrow straight in the eye


We’ll Never Say Goodbye

We share the days of laughter
We share the nights of sorrow
And in the morning after
We face the bright tomorrow
Side by side we’ll always stand
Spirits flying high
Long as I can hold your hand
We’ll never say goodbye.

We walk the halls of learning
And serve a proud tradition
The flame of truth is burning
To clarify our vision
Look at how the future gleams
Gold against the sky!
Long as I can share your dreams
We’ll never say goodbye

There’s little to be sure of
But we will last forever
For now we know the pure love
We feel when we’re together
Then if someday we should part
We will not say die
Long as you are in my heart
We’ll never say goodbye

Var bara tvungen att klistra in allt, det är ju så jävla bra!


Michael, you’re a Critic!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types — your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Critic which means you are a Thinker / Success. Your primary sub-type is defined by ”Thinker” characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by ”Success” characteristics.

You’re complex and thoughtful. You look beneath the surface. You’re good at chess (or would be if you played). Pondering deep thoughts sounds better to you than going out on the town. But you can be so critical and introspective that even positive qualities can seem like faults. The truth is that you have a very perceptive, gentle spirit.

Ja, vad kan jag säga, det stämmer ju rätt bra va?

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