Mixing styles

Försökte mig på att starta en blog om musik på engelska. Blev dock bara en post, så jag klistrar in den här istället.

Linkin Park vs. Jay-Z

Today something hit me about mixing different kinds of music. It’s either two styles that are near-related or two styles that are so different that they actually mix in some funny but cool way. Take NU-Metal like Linkin Park and rapper Jay-Z e.g.

It’s like altough they’ve been struggling with different kinds of problems. As if all the lyrics that they wrote separately, somehow still connects somewhere along the way. The only thing that differs, are their perspectives and backgrounds. They are doing the same thing through their music. The white kids in Linkin Park trying to convey a feeling of not being enough while Jay-Z uses the more aggressive stance on the outside world. But he still conveys his point of view and his experiences, as do Linkin Park.

Music together with lyrics are a powerful thing in this world of dreadful events. Hopefully it can save some from despair and give some hope.

Sarah MacLachlan vs. Trance

Another beautiful thing with music is the things that collaborations can bring. Especially when a talented vocalist meets one of the most successful DJs that wanders the planet today. Take one piece of original lyrics and composition by Delerium, add DJ Tiesto and his faboulous way of making other peoples music into trance-classics.

Then top it off with having one of the worlds most beautiful voices (Machlaclans) to sing the heartfilling lyrics. And we have a winner. Experiencing this tune on a dancefloor, wherever you are, if you are into vocal trance, you sure as hell will like this. If not, then you must be missing the whole point with uplifting trance.

The pulse, the drive, the sensation of not knowing what to do with your whole body, because it’s too much to bear. You can almost sense your spirit wanting to fly free with the harmonics.

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